Original spiced rum, smoke infused

Not just a spiced rum,
it's something more

The Fluffy Dragon Co. blends the very finest rums to bring out their individual characteristics in perfect harmony.

Bold, distinctive, and smooth, our rums need to be tasted to be believed. Each one has a distinct personality that shines through with your choice of mixer.

Our partners, Fever Tree, have worked with us to select the perfect pairing to ensure you will seek out the dragon now and always.

Our Story

A Fantastical Tale of
Fortitude and Fortune

The origins of Fluffy Dragon Rum are steeped in secrecy and infamy; a Caribbean smoky rum distilled from a recipe so precious that pirates have fought for it and fought to protect it for the past 400 years.

It is said that the recipe for Fluffy Dragon Rum contains a blend of spices so deliciously intoxicating, that pirates would plunder mercilessly to get their hands on the secret.

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100% Organic

Natural ingredients

Safe for the body

all skin types

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