Our Story

Our Story

A Fantastical Tale of
Fortitude and Fortune

The origins of Fluffy Dragon Rum are steeped in secrecy and infamy; a Caribbean smoky rum distilled from a recipe so precious that pirates have fought for it and fought to protect it for the past 400 years.

The cartoon head of Fluffy the dragon, the logo mascot
A photo of The Fluffy Dragon Co black bottle on a wooden table with the original spiced rum label
The Fluffy Dragon Co logo in full colour

It is said that the recipe for Fluffy Dragon Rum contains a blend of spices so deliciously intoxicating, that pirates would plunder mercilessly to get their hands on the secret.

This is the tale of infamy that has brought Fluffy Dragon Rum to our shores… It begins at a time when over 5000 pirates were at sea in search of untold treasures. It is in 1680 that our tale begins; our fantastical tale of fortitude and fortune, at the heart of which is the most fearsome pirate of all, Fluffy.

Caribbean shores were awash with blood-thirsty pirates seeking their fortune. Many would settle for the gold, silver and riches plundered from wealthy European settlers. Some would never settle – for in 1680, there was a rumour of something far more precious, a recipe for the most intoxicatingly, delicious rum known to man. The owner of this recipe would breathe fire – they would own the seas and acquire riches.

Pirates plundered and searched but could not lay their bloody hands on the secret recipe. As time passed, all who heard the tale, believed that they would be the one to breathe the fire and own the seas.

Their endless searches were in vain for the recipe was protected by a pirate fraternity of freedom-seeking adventurers whose mission was to bring the rum to the world. This network of rum-loving freedom-fighters built a complex network of trade routes to out-run those seeking the recipe. Stories reached the far ends of the globe of the recipe being protected by a mythical creature – fire-breathing dragon who occupied sea and air and whom no mortal could defeat.

A bottle of The Fluffy Dragon Co smoky spiced rum

As pirates seeking infamy and immortality told their own tall tales of fighting a dragon for the recipe and living to tell the tale, the fraternity of pirates managed to bring the recipe back to England’s shores where it was taken deep into an underground cave network.

The torrid tales of the dragon continued to spread like wildfire as people believed that the creature would rise from the ground and scorch the earth if anyone tried to seek it out.

The truth lies not in the dragon’s breath, but in the pirate fraternity who rescued the recipe and brought it to our shores. The secret to the rum’s smokiness secured due to one man and his tribe of freedom-fighters. For the keeper of the secret is a pirate known as Fluffy. To this day he protects the secret recipe, sharing only with those brave enough to dare drink with the dragon.